Basement Waterproofing Lloyd Harbor

The home office of Repel Restoration Inc. is in Deer Park, Long Island.   This western Suffolk county location leaves us in an ideal situation to offer our services to most of Long Island, including Llyod Harbor, Long Island.   The short trip form our door to your door allows us to offer our free basement inspection service to all Lloyd Harbor residents.  Since most of the LLoyd Harbor is surrounded by water, (Long Island Sound), it is particularly susceptible to basement waterproofing problems.


Basement Waterproofing Services in Lloyd Harbor

As the name explains, Long Island is an island.  We are surrounded by water and the water tables under our Lloyd Harbor homes are always present.  Additional we live in a seasonal climate and the change in temperatures makes our cement basement foundations expand and contract.  This movement often leads to cracks in your basement walls and floors. There are multiple solutions to these types of problems but if this has occurred in your basement you should have it inspected by a trained and experienced waterproofing expert.   For more information on this topic please click here to visit our basement waterproofing page.

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Lloyd Harbor Land / Water Facts

Lloyd Harbor is a village in Suffolk County, New York, United States, on the North Shore of Long Island.  The village has a total area of 10.6 square miles, of which approximately 9.4 square miles is land.  The remaining 12% of the village area is water.