North Amityville Basement Waterproofing

We are happy to provide basement waterproofing services to our neighbors in North Amityville. Our home office in  Deer Park, Long Island leaves us only a few minutes drive to your home and when basement flooding occurs it is good to know you have a professional waterproofing company just minutes away.   We provide expert services and we are available for free consultations regarding your basement water problems.


Basement Waterproofing Services in North Amityville

If you live on Long Island then you are not far away from water. Most of the towns and villages on the island are only a few feet above sea level and North Amityville is no exception.  But water alone is not the only reason Long Island residents have basement water problems, after all - water will not find its way through a propery poured and formed cement basement foundation unless there is a problem with that foundation. Unfortunately, the seasonal climate with drastic temperature ranges cause cement to expand and contract.  It is these shifts in the foundation that often lead to cracks, and cracks usually lead to leaky and wet basements.   There are multiple solutions to these types of problems but if this has occurred in your basement you should have it inspected by a trained and experienced waterproofing expert.   For more information on this topic please click here to visit our basement waterproofing page.

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North Amityville Land / Water Facts

North Amityville is a hamlet in Suffolk County, New York. Located within the Town of Babylon  The village covers an area in Suffolk county of approximately 2.4 square miles. The hamlet is located 33 feet above sea level.