Basement Waterproofing Commack

At Repel Restoration Inc. we specialize in basement waterproofing services. We are just a short drive away from our friends and clients in Commack. If you are in need of basement waterproofing services, or if you are just beginning to noitice signs of water in your basement then please give us a call.   Our professionally trained staff has many years experience ins basement waterproofing and our free inspection services are available and can be at your home quickly.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Commack

High altitudes are not much of a problem for our clients and friends who live on Long Island. However, our near sea level status means that every home in Long Island has water not very far below us. Rest assured that if you dug deep enough in your yard you would eventually find water.  Our location and general geography also means that every Commack resident lives in a seasonal climate. The change of seasons is a large factor in basement waterproofing problems as the change in temperatures makes our cement basement walls and floors will expand and contract. Basement cracks can occur because of this seasonal shifting. There are multiple solutions to these types of problems but if this has occurred in your basement you should have it inspected by a trained and experienced waterproofing expert. Our basement waterproofing page has agreat deal of information and we encourage you to read it to become better educated about the process.

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Commack Land / Water Facts

The town of Commack is located in Suffolk County.  The town area encompasses 12 square miles.  All of this area is covered by land.  The highest elevation in the town is only 131 feet above sea level.